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bitcoins and altcoins

My cryptocurrency specialists and I offer consultations for all questions regarding buying and selling bicoins and altcoins with fiat currencies (US $ and EUR). Our partner banks will set up accounts for you for assessment and speculations as well as for other possible cryptocurrency business operations.

Through state-given licensed cooperational banks we will take care of your cryptocurrency business within the European Union completely legal and clean. To secure this we are offering you a safe infrastructure.

Cryptocurrencies and the law

Being broadly presented by the media, the bitcoins and their spreading – both as a speculation or a payment method – as well as a part of numerous business models of various national and international companies, may be a potential risk for everyone who deals with cryptocurrencies.

The law for bitcoins and altcoins has been on the agenda for quite some time already. It is very important for cryptocurrency users as well as for financial services and companies which are involved in the „crypto business“. We are offering consultations regarding the law, the tax as well as the risks coming with the subjects bitcoin, tax on cryptocurrencies and so on.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you have, when it comes to bitcoins and altcoins!

Feel free to take a closer look at all covered fields of law down below and contact me in Vienna on +43 (0)664 5206645, if you have a question or if you want to arrange a meeting.