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Divorce law and inheritance law in Vienna

My law office is also there for you when you need help in a case of divorce law or inheritance law. The target is to take care of all your demands and find the perfect solution in the short, medium and long term. It is in my interest to keep an eye on your individual wishes and only go through a trial if needed.

Both in divorce and inheritance law human emotions often play a role. As a lawyer one can show necessary competence and a sensitivity for peoples’ behaviour.

Applied divorce law and inheritance law in Vienna main activities

Gather a first impression of the width of my offer concerning divorce law and inheritance law:

Divorce law:

  • Marriage contracts
  • Divorces
  • Maintenance claims
  • Parental access and custody
  • Compensation for the increase in value and assets disputes

Inheritance law:

  • Formulation of wills
  • Forced heirship
  • Anticipated inheritance
  • Successor regulations
  • Time limits and applications in case of a bereavement
  • Execution of will
  • Representation before court and out-of-court

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