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Dr. Martin Mahrer

In the field of immigration law I am specialised in all kinds of topics concerning the right of residence. Especially regarding immigration law, the legal foundations are changing nearly annually.

In conclusion it is extremely important for you to choose a lawyer who is familiar with the current legal situation and disposes a widely spread experience.

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I represent you before authorities and courts.

Being up-to-date with the actual legal situation in Austria, I will help you with issues like these:

  • Residency prohibition and expulsion
  • Pending deportation and deportation
  • Return decision and prohibition to return
  • Residence permit
  • Visa process

Choosing the right lawyer is always a matter of trust. I will personally consult you in your individual case and offer free first consultation to answer all questions in the run-up to taking over your mandate. Just give me a call or use the contact form to arrange a meeting.

Feel free to take a closer look at all covered fields of law down below and contact me in Vienna on +43 (0)664 5206645, if you have a question or if you want to arrange a meeting.